Thursday, November 26, 2009

Being The Best You Can Be

I think the most important goal for me as an Ayurvedic practitioner is to help the patient be the best he/she can be. Being the best means feeling capable, wholesome and healthy. People should not have to feel like they are slogging through the day.

While feeling physically well is important, feeling well in spirit is just as important. Figuring out being the best you requires an honest self-assessment for each moment you are doing something. This means we do not compare ourselves to anyone else. Respect your uniqueness- you really are not like anybody else. Each person has their own gifts, weaknesses and circumstances, and no one can replace any individual. Your life has a purpose that no other person can accomplish. I would rather work on my own stuff than try to be someone else. Everything I have is just perfectly suited to do what I have to do. This is very freeing and energizing.

Even though we may not always compare ourselves to someone else, we may place a “best that you can be” standard on yourself that is not appropriate. Being the best you can be in a given moment, means honestly assessing the moment. Am I tired? Do I have another obligation that needs doing? Am I acting in a way that makes me feel proud or in a way that I value? If the moment is not my best, then I need to figure out why and change it. For example, if I am tired- do my best now and later be kind to my body by healthy nurturing and do better next time. Truly doing the best I can feels good. I have few regrets. Even if the outcome is not what I intended, I know that I did my best at that moment and nothing else could have helped. The inner peace that is the result of doing your best can only come if you honestly try to do your best.

Especially with the holiday season coming upon us, we are in contact with so many people and so many obligations. Be yourself and do the best you can, and you will truly enjoy the holidays.

Stay healthy & well,


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