Sunday, January 7, 2018

Why Canola Oil Is Not Recommended In Ayurveda

Ayurveda teaches that the food we eat should be natural and in its most wholesome, unprocessed state.

People who advocate canola oil do so because it is low in saturated fat and high in unsaturated fats. It is also inexpensive to produce and has a light flavor that makes it versatile in cooking. However, canola oil is not natural.  It is manufactured from rapeseed plants, which contain high levels of erucic acid.  The rapeseed plant is genetically engineered to reduce levels of erucic acid as it is toxic to humans. The oil is then processed through several chemical baths before being bleached and labeled as canola oil.

Ayurveda and modern science recommend healthy fats because they are needed for both brain and body health. Interestingly, the human brain is almost 60 percent fat, and the brain needs fatty acids to function optimally and maintain itself.  Essential fatty acids (EFA) cannot be made by the body. Rather, they must be obtained from dietary sources.  Healthy fats also promote the absorption of many vitamins and minerals.

A recent study found mice that were fed two tablespoons of canola oil a day had weight gain and severe progression of Alzheimer disease. Another recent study found that mice fed extra virgin olive oil  performed significantly better on testing that evaluated the animals' working memory, spatial memory and ability to learn. Further, these mice had reduced levels of amyloid plaques and had an increased ability to clear out toxins that hinder brain function.

Historically, the rapeseed plant was used as a lubricant for machinery in World War II. When it wasn't needed for war machinery anymore, it was creatively repackaged and reformulated as a cooking oil. Unfortunately, the new version of the rapeseed is not healthy and causes great harm to the body as recent scientific studies have found.

Ayurveda didn't need any studies. Rapeseed in it natural form has high levels of the toxic substance erucic, and changing it around with chemical processing does not hide its unhealthy roots. Eating pure and unprocessed is the best way (and the Ayurvedic way).

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  1. Be aware as canola oil has potentially dangerous side effects due to the ingredients from which it is made or due to the manufacturing process by which it is extracted.

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