Friday, February 5, 2010

39.2 Million Pounds of Tortilla Chips

That is how much tortilla chips were bought in the United States in the two weeeks before 2009's Super Bowl.  This is 19% more than the average for other two week periods during the year.

One of the main reasons people like chips is because they like or crave salt.  In Ayurveda there are 6 tastes and we try to balance them according to our body type.  The tastes are: astrigent, bitter, pungent, sweet, sour and salty.  Salt is warming to the body, stimulating to the appetite and promoting tissue development.  Salt helps the body retain things like calories and fluids.  On a spiritual level the salty taste promotes confidence and a zest for life.  Too much salt and one may become overly ambitious or possessive.  Physically, excess salt makes one retain fluid and gain weight.

Munching on chips is fun on Superbowl Sunday when many of us are socializing and watching the game, but try to balance it with the other tastes.  Also, look for organic, whole grain chips that use healthy oils (no partially hydrogenated types with transfat) and rely on spices for flavor instead of a lot of salt.  I like Garden of Eatin'.

Stay healthy & well,

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