Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is There Economics To Weightloss?

Most people rely on their employers to provide health insurance.  With employers paying the bill for health insurance, they have a vested interest in keeping health care costs and insurance premiums down.  One of the biggest health risks is obesity which figures greatly in heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses.  Most people agree that obesity or even excess weight is not healthy and many people want to lose weight.  Yet, more than two-thirds of Americans are overweight.

Many employers are  now offering financial incentives to motivate their employees to lose weight or adopt healthier habits.  Some companies offer employees money to wear pedometers and to increase their walking.  Others may pay money towards health club membership or health care seminars.  There are employers who use the psychology that people are motivated by the risk of losing their own money.  Bond systems are set up where people forfeit their money if a certain amount of weight is not lost.

I think it is great that employers are trying to encourage healthy habits.  Yet, I find it disturbing that most people do not value themselves sufficiently to care for their body.  Imagine how you feel after a good night's sleep or a satsfying meal that nourishes you.  Compare how you act and feel after barely sleeping or stuffing in food on the run.  Are you focused, patient or even happy?  Feeling good should be motivation enough.  A cash incentive can be a great way to begin, but sustaining the weightloss should come within and self respect.

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