Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Traveling According To Your Type

Americans do not always vacation or travel as much as they used to- whether it is due to the slow economy or the stress of leaving work and family.  So when people finally take a vacation, they want it to be enjoyable and special.  Vacations require a lot of planning.  Things like transportation, lodging, activities and budget are researched.  There is another thing to research- your astrological sign.  According to different travel websites, your vacation should be suited and planned by your zodiac sign.  You can use the sites to research your recommended vacation.

Ayurveda values each person as unique and prescribes healing methods according to illness and body type.  I am not pushing astrological vacation planning or trying to advertise websites.  I think it is interesting that they understand people's need to be treated individually.  It is infusing a physical activity with a deeper meaning.  I just like that a more holistic approach is spreading through the universe.

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