Monday, September 20, 2010

The Smell Listerine Cannot Cover

In Ayurveda and other holistic health theories, any part of the body can reflect what is happening to the whole body.  For example, an examination of the tongue can provide valuable diagnostic information of body health.  The soles of a person's feet are a map to the entire human body.

There is a new science emerging that supports this theory.  The smell of someone's breath can determine whether a person has certain common cancers.  Abraham Kuten of Technion Israel Institute of Technology led a study analyzing the breath of 177 people.  The results were published in the British Journal of Cancer. A sensor was able to distinguish between healthy and malignant breath among the study's participants.  Apparently, different chemicals are emitted from the surface of cancer cells as they grow.  Further, this sensor could identify which of the four common cancers the individual has.  The sensor can detect lung, breast, bowel and prostrate cancer.

Some people think that their health can be treated by taking care of one symptom.  The symptom is really part of the whole body system.  Each part of your body can tell your health story.  Mouthwash, floss and toothpaste cannot even hide your story.

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