Monday, November 29, 2010

Is There any Privacy? Part II

Recently, I blogged about privacy and the internet.  An article in the Wall Street Journal confirmed my fears.  Basically, any time we go on the computer to view sites, interact on social networks, make purchases, do our banking etc., this information is out there waiting to be interpreted by businesses.  These business enterprises will evaluate whether you are a good consumer to market to.  In a simple business transaction, you will be marketed to and hopefully buy the product or the service.  If you are seeking a serious service like health, auto, homeowners or life insurance, then the information will be used to determine how to charge you.  Life insurance companies were the focus of the article.  Every and any action in your life is weighted to determine how long you will live and be able to pay premiums.  In the old days, these questions were asked to the applicant and a simple physical was done.  Today, the insurance company uses information mined from your internet activity to calculate your life expectancy.

If you are reading this blog, you scored good points.  Apparently, you are into health and Ayurveda.  I just hope you are not buying a piece of sports equipment like hunting gear because that sport is inherently risky.  Maybe I am naive.  I am offended, so please do not spy on me.  People are up in arms over the full body scanners at the airport.  I am irritated by the full exposure and the radiation.  At least what they see is common among all men and women and it has a security benefit.  I do fear that once one lazy or inattentive TSA person does not pay attention to scanner protocol and some terrorist sneaks through, we will never be able to fly again.  What else is there to check once you have been seen naked in an xray scanner?

Apart from creating a false internet identity, I do not have any suggestions.  However, any internet activity you do should be evaluated whether you want it out there.

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