Monday, January 3, 2011

Ama, Disease & Alzheimer's

Ayurveda seeks to balance an individual using natural methods such as diet, herbs and lifestyle.  However, an individual cannot become balanced if their body has too many toxins (ama).  Ama is the product of improperly digested food and experience.  A healthy, balanced person does not get ama because the body has the ability to properly remove waste.  Ayurveda seeks to remove ama because excess ama will cause disease.  The beauty of Ayurveda is the early detection of ama in the pulse.  The pulse feels ama and imbalance before real disease can manifest.

Today scientists are beginning to focus on the cells' ability to remove waste with the intent to stop disease before irreversible damage sets in.  Currently, the studies are centered on the lysomes, the cells responsible for breaking down cell waste.  If functioning properly, waste is broken down and recycled for new cell structure.  If the cellular waste is not broken down properly, then it accumulates in the cell and begins to impair cell connection to other cells and causes toxic leaks into varying areas.  In Alzheimer's the disease progresses with the building and accumulation of amyloid beta-protein.  If the lysome waste system functions properly, no waste accumulates and brain function is not prone to disease.  Unfortunately, exact remedies to strengthen lysomes is not known at this time.  A lot of research and experimentation is being done in this area.

So how do you get rid of ama?  Ayurveda offers prevention by promoting balance.  Initial ama removal can be accomplished through physical activity, improving digestion and the hot water routine.  Advanced ama removal can be accomplished with an ancient cleansing technique of Panchakarma.  I am not saying Ayurveda can cure Alzheimer's, but it has the ability to prevent the ama build up.  Even the scientists are looking to promote lysome functioning to prevent disease.  Ayurveda's natural methods are worth trying until researchers perfect the lysomal cleaning system.

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