Monday, February 7, 2011

College Survival Choice: Food, Alcohol, Romance or Self Esteem?

In a study asking college students to rate their favorite pick between food, alcohol, physical intimacy or self esteem, self esteem was the top choice.  These students felt a stronger desire to get a compliment or get a good grade over the more prurient choices.  Yet, we have all read stories in the newspaper regarding binge drinking, heavy partying and the college weight gain.  These college students do actions that derail their self esteem goals.  What happened to their first choice of self esteem?

Ayurveda can be defined as an ancient knowledge that promotes total health by using techniques to bring the body back to balance.  Once the body is balanced, the body is intelligent and will heal itself.  A question can be asked- if the body is intelligent, then how does it get messed up?  It is our mistake in intellect also known as pragya aparad.  Our soul or spirit makes poor choices because we have lost our connection to true consciousness or awareness of what is good for us.  If we are stressed, eating poorly or are ill, our mind loses the ability to make good choices.  If we search honestly and deeply, we usually know what is growth promoting and beneficial.  We need to care for ourselves, so we can make those choices and live a life that fulfills our true desires.

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