Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Crush On A 75 Year Old Guy

No, I am not a teenager, but I am not ready for retirement either.  I am at a point where I need to invest in my health if I want to feel and look good.  Sometimes, I wonder how I will feel as I continue to age.  I am not trying to turn back the clock and become twenty again.  I like my life and who I am.  My goal is to have a body that is physically and mentally fit.  Most people start to struggle as they age with aches, pains, weight gain and fatigue.

Then, the universe sent me an answer.  It is possible to age with strength and vigor.  It takes discipline and effort, but it can be done.  Meet my 75 year old hunk- George Player.  He is one of the top tier golfers in the history of golf.  Today, he exercises an hour five to six times a week with weights, jogging, treadmill and/or swimming.  He eats lots of vegetables and fruits with little animal fats.  He even meditates twenty to thirty minutes everyday to create, "strength of mind, patience and gratitude."  Spiritual and buff- does it get any better?  I saw his picture and he looks much younger than a typical 75 year old.  I am totally inspired.  Yes, exercising that many days takes a lot of time, but feeling old, achy and running to the doctor takes time too.  I would rather have the rush of exercise endorphins and feel vital.

Maybe you have a crush on someone else and I would love to hear about what gets you charged up.  But you should just get inspired - it is good for you.

Stay healthy & well,

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