Saturday, August 20, 2011

You Don't Have To Be "Great" To Be Great

Historical figures with strong leadership, solid resolve, pragmatism and still being an idealistic visionary - these are the qualities of a great person.  Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King are people who fit this description.  These are men who fought tyranny and envisioned a world with peace and freedom.  Yet, each one of these men had a history of depression and mental struggles.  The depression and mental struggle actually created the opportunity to become a leader in times of turmoil.  The person with mental struggles has felt the lows and has worked to turn it around.  The depressed individual possesses realism and empathy.  There is the ability to feel another's point of view and a flexibility to change course when needed.  These qualities help direct and guide people through the crisis.  A healthy, more positive person tends to overestimate their control and understanding  of a serious situation.  They are simply more optimistic, which is great for the usual. 

Sometimes, when we have things in our lives we don't really like, we view these things as bad.  Yet, out of our struggle and deficiencies, we have the ability to adapt, become stronger and have more empathy for others in their struggles.  Our ability to perceive situations can gain an expanded clarity.  The weakness can become a source of greatness.  Embrace who you are and trust that you have a gift that no one else can replace.  Your greatness is from all the parts of you whether or not you can see it.

Stay healthy & well,

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