Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tongue Cleaning

Tongue cleaning is a healthy hygiene habit endorsed by Ayurveda, allopathic medicine and dentistry. A tongue should be scraped with a tongue cleaner once a day. This removes the toxins and bacteria that accumulate on the tongue. This coating can cause bad breath. Regular use of the tongue scraper will also enhance one's sense of taste.

In Ayurveda, the tongue is a map of the body - similar to the foot representing our body's organs in reflexology. When we scrape off the toxins (ama), we actually stimulate the internal body organs. This promotes healthier function and toxin removal. Digestion and elimination are also greatly improved.

I prefer using a stainless steel tongue scraper because it feels stronger and more thorough as it passes over the tongue. The stainless steel is also easier to clean and can last forever. Consider adding tongue cleaning to your daily oral routine and notice the substantial benefit gained from this simple technique.

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