Saturday, November 12, 2011

Listening To Someone's Story

As an Ayurvedic health practitioner and health coach, the most important skill I have is my listening. People have health issues and I try to create a plan of action from the history taken. There are physical symptoms but the search is for the root of the symptoms. Treat the source and the person can move forward.

When people speak, they tend to use phrases and words that show their mental and spiritual attitude. Even the absence or presence of simple words like "we" or "I" tell a story (wanting to remain impersonal). When someone tells a simple account of something that happened and uses phrases like "irritated," "annoying" or "unfair," there is an anger issue. Words like "concerned," "worried," "fearful" and "scared" show anxiety. Someone who speaks factually without any possibility of an alternative is usually opinionated and is not looking at all the facts.

Words do not come from the sky, they are energetic and communicate more than what is being said. Next time you are listening to someone, see what you can discover. It is fascinating. We all have our "stuff," but look at it with an eye for what you can learn and how you can help them. Listening with care and non judgment makes a person feel cared for and that is a most valuable thing.

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