Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chia and the NFL

No, I am not referring to a chia plant that grows in the shape of a football. You might be able to find that at Walmart or Kmart, but the chia I am talking about is a black, little seed. It is a nutritional powerhouse that has omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, protein, fiber, iron and electrolytes. Baltimore Running Back Ray Rice eats them as part of his training routine.

Athletes want their bodies to be in peak physical shape for maximum performance. There is a lot at stake for professional sport teams. Chia seeds are considered a super food. Since they are a natural food and a natural source of nutrients, chia seeds' nutrients are more easily absorbed and digested by the body. If the body can't absorb a food's vitamins, then the body will not benefit. Digestion is one of the pillars of good health in Ayurveda. Without proper digestion and assimilation of food, the body does not have the proper fuel for the body to function optimally.

Try adding chia seeds to your diet and you may perform like an athlete. Better yet, eat all wholesome, natural foods and you can jog to your local store to get that chia plant in the shape of a football.

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