Friday, April 27, 2012

Green Coffee And Weight Loss

Did you know that coffee beans that are unroasted, unripened and green are proving to be a miracle weight loss supplement?  Studies are showing people who take the extract made from these coffee beans are losing on average 16% of their body fat.  These people in the studies did not change their caloric intake to achieve these results.

The one complaint with the extract is its extremely bitter taste.  This bitter taste, according to Ayurveda, is one of the reasons that it works well for weight loss.  In Ayurveda, food is judged based by its taste and the energetic action it causes in the body.  The taste of bitter is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, germicidal and detoxifying.  In general, it is purifying and very cleansing.  In small amounts, the taste of bitter stimulates the digestive process.  However, in excess, the bitter taste can cause a wasting away of the tissues in the body, which can lead to depletion and weakness.  On a mental level, it can cause delusions and dizziness. 

While the bitterness of green coffee may be good to jump start weight loss, Ayurveda looks to balance naturally so as not to stress the body.  Extreme and fast weight loss will not give us the health we want in the long run.

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