Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Intelligence:Is It Something You Can Only Be Born With?

Intelligence is usually thought to be the essential ingredient for success in school, a job and life.  Some people have innate intelligence and have the ability to do well in academic pursuits.  Yet, there are "smart" people who do not do well in their jobs or their life.  Maybe intelligence is not the key to success or maybe there is another type of intelligence you can learn that is needed for success.

True intelligence is an attitude.  There are people who like to learn and are able to view difficult moments or problems as a way to grow in their learning.  There is a basic optimistic mindset that they can expand their abilities and success if they try.  People, who tell themselves they lack the skills and do not even try in fear of failure, generally do not do as well in future new situations.

Today as a society, we tend to be result oriented.  We are considered smart and successful if we get the good grade, get the promotion or earn the highest salary.  These are good things and are something to strive for.  Yet, life does not stop with the end result.  There are always new things and new goals to pursue.  Along the way we may not have the easiest ride.  The road may turn and take unexpected troublesome curves.  The ability to view these unwanted occurrences as a way to learn and become better creates true intelligence.

The resiliency and motivation to learn also creates a happier mental state which will benefit your physical health.  Who doesn't want to be smart and healthy?

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