Thursday, November 29, 2012

Invite Yourself

It is easy to go into telling mode when we speak to ourselves (or to other people).  The things we have to do are these little orders hanging above our head.  When we are told what to do, there is a negative sense to it.  How do you feel when you are told what to do instead of being invited to do it?  Also consider how many times are you telling people what to do instead of inviting them to do it?

The definition of invite is to make a polite, formal or friendly request to someone or to tempt someone to do something. When we view the things we do for ourselves or others as invitations, we feel happy and moved to act.  In life we can only control our own behavior, so we cannot expect people to invite us to action.  We can look at requests and see whether we see the value in what we are asked to do.  If we can motivate ourselves and find a benefit, we are quicker to act.  There is also a sense of purpose which gives our actions meaning.  Acting from this place feels authentic.  It may take a little digging to find out why fulfilling this request is a good thing, but the questions and discovery will make us more conscious and give us the ability to make better choices. 

When we do the requesting, we can communicate why our request is a friendly request or even a temptation.  We can even do this when we ask ourselves something like being patient with a spouse or child, listening to a colleague's story for the third time, exercising or choosing a healthy food.  If we can communicate its value to us in this moment, we are more likely to do it.  There may be some tempting involved like a reward, but the good stuff is worth it. 

Treat yourself and others politely using kind words to invite action and you will see a lot more getting done. 

Stay healthy & well,

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