Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eggs : A Protein Source Not a Cholesterol Source

In Ayurveda, food is not classified as good or bad.  Rather, food is judged in relation to your body type.  Eggs are a controversial food in current nutritional thought.  Eggs are an excellent source of protein.  They provide antioxidants that are known to be beneficial for eye health (lutein and zeaxathin).  Eggs are a source of choline which helps to regulate the cardiovascular and nervous system.  Eggs strengthen hair and nails due to their rich sulfur content, and they are one of the few foods that contain vitamin D, which most people are deficient in. 

People like eggs but limit them because they are a source of cholesterol and thought to be a risk factor for heart disease.  Yet, a study has shown that daily consumption of two eggs for four weeks did not increase cholesterol nor did it harm the arteries and their functioning in the circulatory system.  Eggs are one of the healthiest sources of protein that you can eat, and this study shows that you can enjoy eating eggs without worrying about cholesterol.

As far as Ayurveda, eggs are best for the Vata types who naturally tend to be thin and need more grounding like a protein type food.  Pitta and Kapha types can have eggs but they do not need them as much as Vata types.  The protein source in egg form is better than protein from meats. Fish and chicken are a less oily form of protein, so they are better suited for the Pitta and Kapha types who already have oil and moisture as part of their constitution.  Ayurveda is about balance, so food should be enjoyed.  It is best to think of yourself as avoiding an offending food and favoring another instead of forbidding yourself a certain food.  Ayurveda also likes real, unprocessed food, so eggs are better than a protein drink or a soy bar.  Try to buy free range, organic eggs that are from cage free chickens, because the chicken is treated better and is healthier.  Healthy chickens make healthy eggs.  Healthy people make better decisions and feel happier too.

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  2. Seriously, did you just say Ayurveda approve Egg eating???? Since when????

  3. Seriously, I said it. As with all foods, the health and/or nutritional benefit depends on the individual who will be eating it.