Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Nag Works

Yes, I am a mother and I admit to using the nag technique.  The nag works.  Nagging is annoying to the nagger and the naggee (is there such a word?).  Usually the nagger is reminding someone of something they do not want to do.  The association of not wanting to do something makes the reminder feel like a nag.  However, if someone is reminded to pick up their lottery ticket winnings or their friend from the airport, the naggee is grateful for the reminder.  Maybe if the naggee could reframe their mindset about the nag and view it as a reminder by someone who cares and is trying to help, the nag would lose its annoying feel.

Now, I will get to the part where the nag works.  When people were trying to quit smoking, daily reminders in the form of texts doubled their chances of quitting.  The National Cancer Institute even offers the service and someone can sign up for it.  The health coaching web portal I use also offers daily motivational messages that help support people in their health goals of losing weight, exercising and more. 

This scientific evidence shows how the nag is really just a reminder of the things that may be hard or unappealing but when done will move us to the place we want to be.  When the nag comes from a person, try to focus on the caring sent not on the object of the nag.  Maybe the nagger can just text you if that helps.

Stay healthy & well,

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