Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why a True Coach Isn't Just Someone Telling You What To Do

Let's be honest.  While we each know that there are some things that we could do be doing better, we really don't want someone telling us how we are lacking.  Plus no one is perfect anyway and why is someone else entitled to tell me what to do?  Yet, the innate nature of a human being is to strive for more and to be better.  For example, a lion in the desert does not try to run faster or get the food in a complicated challenging way.  A lion gets food as needed and runs as fast as required to catch his prey.  As humans we have a soul that yearns for purpose and fulfillment.

This yearning can create some problems for us.  Sometimes we cannot have the things we desire and there can be many reasons for this.  There may be obligations, relationships, finances, and many other things that seem to block us.  But being human, we cannot always see what is really blocking us.  Our vision is limited.  This is why people may turn to a spouse, parent, friend or other person to help us.  This is a good thing because we need relationships to nurture us and give us joy.  However, many times people in these relationships do not ask the tough questions we really need to help move us forward.  Our closest circle of people care so much that they do not want to hurt us.  Alternatively, they may also have an interest in keeping you in a certain place because your new change may mean a change for them. 

This is where a coach comes in.  The true coach is not defined by who the coach is but rather by what the coach is not.  The coach is there to help you find the way to fulfill your dreams.  While a coach has his own knowledge and expertise, he assumes the role of a messenger that is there to help the client.  The client is really teaching the coach as well because each of us has a special quality that everyone can gain from.  By asking questions that explore your strengths, weaknesses and reality, the coach will help you find a way to get to that greater place.  By the way, the greater place is usually different than what you originally thought.  Yes, you will have to do take the steps by yourself, but a coach will be there to support you along the way.

True freedom is the ability to choose what is for your highest good.  When you are enslaved by your limiting beliefs that tell you to act in a certain way because this is who and what you are, you are not free.  Breaking free from those beliefs can be a little uncomfortable but your coach will help you choose how to do this quickly and successfully.

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