Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Astrological Birthday

My birthday is this week, July 26th to be exact.  I am not the type to want a big celebration, but I do enjoy the personal cards that I get from the people I love.

Being a meditative type and a person who cherishes learning new things, I look forward to the astrological energy of the day.  In astrology when the sun's current degree meets the sun's degree from the time a person was born, there is a new beginning or a rebirth of sorts.  A new astrological chart can be set up for that year which can be a guide for growth.  Before anyone thinks that I am talking about predictions, I want to dispel that notion right now.  Life is a journey that unfolds taking you many places.  This journey is for the purpose of growing our soul, the precious, intangible part of us which animates our body and leads us.  The soul is unique and fulfills a purpose that no other human being can.  The astrological chart is a map that helps us find the best way to shine.

The sun astrologically speaking is the ego identity, and its return to our sun sign is a time to reaffirm our purpose and identity.  Our birthday is like a "New Year" for us to set new goals that will fulfill our purpose with integrity.  Our feelings of value come from being the truth we were meant to be.  Each person has their own contribution to make.  When we offer our own unique contributions, we can appreciate the unique value of each person.  We are also happier because we do not need to compare ourselves to others.

May your astrological birthday give you the gift of you.

Stay healthy & well,

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