Monday, November 25, 2013

SOS=Special Occasion Strategies

With the holiday season just a few days away people know there will be lots of high calorie treats and foods from parties and gifts.  And they are worried how they can enjoy themselves and still maintain their weight.  There are a few strategies that can help and they just involve a little planning.

Being an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner makes me approach things from a holistic view, meaning your mind and body need to be addressed.  The body/physical planning is involved in most of the work, but the mind has to be open to coming along.  First lets address the mind.  Yes, the eating approach may be different than you used to do as a kid, but life is constantly changing.  When you were a kid, you were probably a lot different than you are now.  Maybe you used to play with dolls or you collected bugs, but you simply retain the fond memories of it instead of needing to do those things now.  Your eating can be the same way.  As long as you are open to the possibility that you can change (even a little bit), you are already half way there.  You only need to be willing to try and see how it works out.  Your old routine or habits are always there, waiting to be relied on.  There will be friends and family to pressure you to do things the old way.  Remember making food changes does not mean that you are abandoning another person, because you are still there wanting to celebrate.  Maybe you just want to celebrate a little differently and give reassurance to people that fear change.

Here are a few practical body tips:
  • Offer to bring some food to a party that fits into your meal plan.  You will be helping an already overburdened host and giving yourself a healthy food option.  A win/win.
  • Eat a little snack before going to a party (like a handful of nuts), so you will not be ravenous and prone to making bad food choices.
  • Scope out the buffet food table before you start filling your plate.  Decide what will be the few splurges and what will be the healthy, nutritious base of your meal.  Maybe even have a food partner that will agree to share a bite of the richer foods and support you in having a small amount.
  • After you have taken your food from the buffet table, walk to another side of the room.  Enjoy the social aspect of the party by spending time with others.
  • If you feel like you cannot stop eating, pop a mint or stick of gum in your mouth.  The minty taste helps to cleanse the palate and lessens cravings.  Also a hot cup of tea or coffee is helpful to stop the need for food.  Personally, I chew a handful of fennel seeds which aid digestion and freshen the mouth Ayurvedic style.
  • Finally, if you go a little overboard, be kind to yourself.  Know that you can do better the next day.  Feeling like things are impossible is a mind set that sets people up for failure.  You should treat yourself better and love yourself enough to know that you can do it (even if it is slower than you would like).
Whatever holiday you celebrate, it should be happy, joyous and filled with gratitude for this special time.  You can make the food a happy, healthy part of your holiday-not the main focus.  If you need a little support, I am here as a coach ready to believe in you and hold you accountable to the vision you want to be.

Stay healthy & well,

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