Sunday, January 12, 2014

Why Your Protein Source May Not Be Giving You The Protein You Think You Are Getting

One of the main food groups is protein.  Protein plays a very important role in the human body. Its main function is building up, keeping up, and replacing tissues in your body. You could say protein is kind of the maintenance person keeping the body in tact. In fact, most muscles, organs and hormones are comprised mainly of  protein.  Proteins are also the main components of muscle tissue, and they function as helpers with muscle development and increasing strength. Protein helps improve athletic performance.  Protein is also what makes up the outer layer of hair, nails and skin.

However, today the animals we look to for protein like cows, fish or chicken are not being fed the type of food that makes quality protein.  Modern agricultural practices are taking a heavy toll on the quality of our food (and our environment which I am not addressing today).  Cows, fish and chicken are not being fed the type of food they would naturally and normally eat.  Cattle eat very little grass, which is their natural food source. Rather, today cattle are fed corn.  Chickens eat corn and fish instead of their natural diet of seeds, green plants, insects, and worms.  Wild fish eat other fish, but farmed fish are fed a meal of soy protein and beef or chicken byproducts which includes cattle blood, bone, and chicken feathers.  Suffice it to say the new, modern methods of animal production results in animal products that are far inferior to what the animal's ancestor would have produced. 

Protein is too beneficial to our health to abandon eating it.  As consumers we have the right to purchase food that will give us the nutrition that will build our bodies.  Try to buy organic and locally produced foods.  These foods are created in the way that honors the animal, nature and your health.  Notice, I use the word try.  Sometimes these foods are expensive or hard to find, so buying the other meat, fish or fowl may be easier.  Creating change is done one step at a time.  Maybe buy the organic and locally produced food once or twice a week.  Next, vary your diet with some vegan protein sources like nuts, tofu, hemp or legumes.  Before you know it, you are eating the bad stuff less than half the week.  In Ayurveda and modern medicine, it is known that the body rebuilds itself everyday.  Use high quality fuel to rebuild your body, and you will feel stronger and healthier.

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