Sunday, February 2, 2014

Top Five Things I Love About One of the Coldest, Snowiest Winters Ever

To be honest, my first inclination is not to like winter.  I am a Vata/Pitta body type, and the cold makes it really hard to stay balanced.  Since Ayurveda is holistic and looks to balance the mind and body, I have made a list to help me stay positive during this very cold, long winter.  Our mental state affects the health of our bodies and just how we function in general.  It may seem simplistic to reframe and be happy, but it works.  The bottom line of a recent scientific study concluded, "The main point is that people can be as happy as they choose to be."

Here are the Top 5 Things I Like About Winter
  1. I am spending less money as a consumer.  The US government and economy may not like it, but snowy roads make me spend less money.  It is hard to market and shop, so I make do with what I have in the house.  It is a great feeling to use up things in the house and pantry. And I like being creative figuring out how to make use of items that may have been forgotten.  Taking a break from being a consumer and spending less than I used to is priceless.
  2. I am learning how to be more mindful and present. Most of the time we are rushing around and thinking what we have to do in the future or remembering what bothered us in the past.  Driving really slowly on icy or snow filled roads makes one present.  I am concerned with getting to my destination safely.  I evaluate whether this is somewhere I truly want or need to go.  There is no texting or calling when the road conditions are unstable.  The peaceful focus gives the racing mind a rest.
  3. I am happy my husband and kids are getting more exercise and time outdoors.  In todays technology driven world with computers, phones, messaging, texting and social media, people spend less time being outside and getting physical activity.  I wish it was different with my family, but it is not.  When there is snow to be shoveled from the sidewalk and driveway, my family is outside doing it.  With so much snow, they are getting lots of time outside.  By the way, they are always happy and in a good mood when they come in.  Exercise and time outdoors does that for people.
  4. I am getting a chance to practice gratitude more.  When the temperatures plunge to below zero, I am happy when the thermometer gets to the single and low double digits.  Twenty degrees feels fabulous! Same with the generous snow covering the roads.  When the roads are clear and drivable, I am very grateful.  Learning to have gratitude for even seemingly small things makes you happier.
  5. Less garden, fungal disease and pests. A really cold, snowy winter insulates soil and helps plants.  Many of the insects that harm plants in the growing season do not survive the extreme cold. And the cold causes a reduction in plant and soil fungal diseases.  So, the winter is helping our spring and summer be even better.  The beautiful flowers and vegetables I plant will be healthier and hardier.
Any time there is a situation that you don't really like, try making a list of some of the positives.  It may make you feel happier too.

Stay healthy & well,

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