Monday, October 6, 2014

How To Increase Your Paycheck By 16% & Improve Your Work Performance

This sounds like a headline from The National Enquirer.  But it is statistically true and done in the privacy of your home!  A recent study found workers who are sleeping too little, like less than seven hours a night, can increase their wages and work performance by getting an extra hour of sleep.

Getting more sleep seems somehow lazy and makes a worker less of a go getter.  Yet, growing research is demonstrating that those who get a good night’s sleep are usually more productive at work. Additionally, they think more clearly, quickly and creatively than their sleep deprived coworkers that get by on little shut eye and lots of caffeine. Sleep does rest the brain and the body.  It also allows the brain to perform vital maintenance and restoration tasks that increase its ability to perform.  There have been comparisons to sleep deprived people having the reaction and responses of someone who is legally drunk. 

Sleep is one of the pillars of health in Ayurveda.  Someone who is not sleeping well will become imbalanced emotionally and physically, causing illness.  This latest scientific study is simply supporting what Ayurveda has always taught.

When I counsel clients, sleep deprivation is one of the most common causes of health issues.  With electric lights, television, 24 hour stores, the internet and smart phones, people have many reasons to stay up past their bed time.  If they are able to get more sleep, people see a dramatic increase in energy, mood, and relief from physical symptoms.  Even when they know they need more sleep, people have a hard time getting into bed when they should.  The first step to change is knowing what needs to be done.  The second step is taking small steps to get it accomplished.  Having a health coach can be a huge support and help you make a doable plan.  However one chooses to get more sleep, they should just do it for a tremendous payoff.

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