Saturday, November 22, 2014

Don't Answer That Email So Fast

Most people want to succeed at their job.  This sometimes means a person has to put in extra time or get ahead on the work load.  One of the daily work tasks that takes up a person's time are emails.  They seem to be endless and require attention many times throughout the day.  Taking time after work ends to catch up on work related emails seems like a good idea.  However, recent research has found this practice to be harmful to one's health and work performance as it caused insomnia, higher levels of burn-out and increased work related absences.  This was true for people who respond to all communications immediately whether in work or non-work hours.

The researchers noted that always being available and giving immediate answers to communication doesn't allow a person time to rest and recharge.  Human beings require rest and a change in activity to function both mentally and physically.  The constant communication interferes with these needs.  Additionally, a rested person makes better decisions and has the stamina to perform evenly throughout the day and upcoming months.  This is the ideal worker in the long run.

Ayurveda has always taught that certain times of the day are better for certain activities.  Nature gives us a circadian body rhythm that guides us and will aid in our feeling balanced and healthy.

Work is an important part of our lives and it is a contribution we make to society and a way to receive money so we can support ourselves and our families.  However, we are more than just our work and the increasing amount of emails we receive.  When we only look to respond to emails and other forms of tech communication, we forget to develop other worthwhile things that we have to offer ourselves and others.  Life should be fuller than trying to respond immediately to these communications.  Taking a step back will make you a better communicator in more than just work.

There are people who are addicted to this constant merry-go-round of emails and texts and feel important by being 'busy.'  The addiction is filling a need to be more of a whole person.  However, an addiction is never as fulfilling as the real thing.  Taking the time to do something else will give a huge payoff.  The research and Ayurveda are giving a guarantee.

Stay healthy & well,

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