Friday, January 2, 2015

Resolutions: Why Bother?

It is human nature to desire to do better.  Animals work from instinct and survival, but humans want to grow, move forward and just do more.  New Year's Resolutions take many forms.  There are the ones related to fitness, like losing weight, exercising and eating better.  There are the business related resolutions where people want to improve their careers, finances and status.  Some people want better relationships with communication, love and satisfaction, or some people just want a spouse or children.  Other people may want to expand their experience by traveling or learning a new hobby.

No resolution is better than another one.  Each soul has a longing to accomplish more, fulfill themselves and feel they have a purpose and matter.  We yearn to be in that space and consciousness.  While there is no one path or easy answer to get there, we can do two things everyday to focus ourselves to take positive action from a solid foundation. 

The key is mindfulness.  Ayurveda recommends meditation (which is scientifically proven)  as a way to achieve mindfulness, but sometimes that even feels too much in our demanding, stress filled lives.  The easiest and next best thing is our wake up and going to bed routines.  In the morning upon waking up, acknowledge that you are awake today  so you can fulfill a unique purpose.  This is true every single day that you open your eyes. Say it with gratitude and mean it. I can assure you that the day will be better because of it.  Notice it is your unique purpose and no one else's purpose.  Remember that your purpose and role evolves everyday and being open will help you navigate better.  In the evening before you go to bed, know this is your last thought for the day.  What do you want it to be.  As you sleep, you will dream, process emotions and memories, and have your body repaired and restored.  Send your thoughts and intent off to a good night.  Say a prayer, feel gratitude or something else that helps you to remember how even in this unconscious state you are receiving what you need to have a meaningful life.

While resolutions are easy to make and hard to keep, the knowledge that we as human beings have a higher calling may help you reach your goals.

Stay healthy & well,

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