Friday, July 3, 2015

Science Shows How Your Birth Month Predicts Your Health

Astrology and Ayurveda have always taught that the time that you are born affects your physical and emotional being.  Astrology is the study of the influence that distant cosmic objects, like stars and planets have on human lives.  We calculate the time and seasons by a solar calendar.  Each day the earth and other planets orbit around the sun. With this orbit the light of the sun varies each day (depending on the tilt of the planet).

In astrology the sun represents the self, one's ego and personality.  It shows the uniqueness of a person.  The position of the other planets add more details about a person.  There are people who hold by Astrology, but there are others who think it is meaningless.  Personally, I find it to be an excellent way to study one's personality and get to know one's strengths and weaknesses.

Some scientists have tested the idea that one's birth month or season they are born in affects one's personality and health.  In both types of studies, there has been a correlation to the birth month and season to these aspects of a person.  People born in the winter tend to be less irritable but can be prone to depression.  The summer season people tend to swing in their moods and be more positive.  People born in May had healthier dispositions but those born in March or April tended to be at a higher risk for heart disease.

Ayurveda labels seasons as belonging to three basic types: Vata (late fall and winter), Kapha (late winter and spring) and Pitta (summer and early fall).  These three types have certain personalities and health issues.  People are usually classified into one of the types (doshas) or a combination of types.  Ayurveda uses the doshic system to help bring people back to balance so they can shine with their unique positive qualities.

While Astrology and Ayurveda have been around for many years and seem to lack modern scientific basis, these studies show there is something substantial and useful to them.  As human beings we are never trapped in our types-we always have the ability to choose and overcome our predispositions.  Yet, knowing our dispositions can help us succeed in making the choices to overcome the negative aspects and potentialities that we have.  However, the positive traits with which we are endowed also need to be actualized and acted upon.  Use the scientific studies, Astrology and Ayurveda for guidance but always remember they are only potentialities not the final word.

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