Friday, July 31, 2015

The Best Employee Retention Plan

Money? Benefits? Pleasant work accommodations? A sound employee retention plan focuses on something intangible.  It is communicating to the employee a sense of purpose and meaning.  Employees that feel they are doing something with a higher purpose than the task at hand are more likely to stay with their employer and they report feeling more job satisfaction.

People are rarely one dimensional.  They have many facets that affect their whole being.  Ayurveda views a person holistically looking at all the parts that make up a person.  There is the physical body but there is also the intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects that are integral parts to a human being.  If any one of these parts is not well, the balance and health of a person suffers.

A business that wants to grow and be healthy needs to look at all of its facets.  An employee is more than a hired laborer. They are a person looking to earn money, but they want to feel positive about their work and their effort.  For example, an employee at a store like Bed, Bath and Beyond that feels he/she is creating order, beauty and purpose in people's homes will feel more satisfaction than a person who is told to keep the store neat and sell stuff.  The purpose needs to be communicated often to inspire people.  Some businesses use coaches to help keep employees on track.

If big business knows the secret to employee retention is discovering and respecting the whole person and uses it to make money, you can use it in your personal life with the same success.  Daily reminders why you are doing something and how it feeds the different aspects of your being will make your day and life less of a grind.  Your purpose and meaning in every action is the important thing.  Respect it and you will be happier than trying to control an external situation or outcome.

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