Thursday, October 8, 2015

Can the Time You Go To Sleep Make You Happier?

Happiness is generally thought of as a state of well being and contentment.  It can be from the attainment of what one considers good.  So, if one believes that a certain activity or possession is good, then they are happy.  But what if someone is in a negative mood? Usually that means the things that would normally make someone happy don't.  Happiness is somewhat of a state of mind.  It is partially the circumstances that we are experiencing but it is also our attitude and beliefs.  The moods and emotions we have color the experiences that we have.  The moods can be ones of  positivity, resiliency, anxiety or discontent, and the mood we have will affect how we view a situation.

Therefore, if we are in a good mood, we are more likely to be happy.  A simple way to ensure that we are more likely is to be in a better mood is to be well rested.  Sleep is important for our health, and adequate sleep will make us more likely to have the rest we need.  However, the amount of sleep we get is only part of the equation.  The period of time we are asleep seems to play a big role in our mood.  People who go sleep earlier, like 10 to 11 PM at night, and rise early in the morning, like around 5 to 6 AM, have more positive thought patterns and have less anxiety.  Night owls even with a solid amount of sleep tend to be more negative and ruminate more. 

Ayurveda has known what this study demonstrates.  Our bodies have a natural circadian body rhythm.  There are certain times and cycles when our bodies will function more optimally.  For example, Ayurveda teaches the main meal of the day should be between 10 AM and 2 PM when our digestion is strongest.  Ayurveda also teaches that getting to sleep by 10 PM and rising before 6 AM will give us the most restful sleep and make us more alert and energetic throughout the day. 

Respecting our bodies and the rhythm that nature has set for our body will make us stronger, healthier and happier.  Science and Ayurveda know this. Go ahead and learn it for yourself.

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