Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ayurvedic Holiday Stress Buster Tips

The winter season is in full swing with shorter days and cooler temperatures.  It is also holiday season with the hustle and bustle of gifts, parties, preparation and socializing.  In Ayurveda this winter season from November to February is vata season.  Vata is comprised of the elements air and space, which equals movement. Vata is the dosha which governs movement within our physiology (bodily functions like circulation, elimination).  Yet, in the winter, people tend to have poor circulation (feeling cold and dry) and irregular elimination and sleep.  On an emotional/mental level, we are spaced out and on over drive. It would seem to reason that the dosha of movement should promote these things not make them more difficult.

When in balance,vata has many admirable qualities that include a clear, alert, creative mind (which is the ability to learn easily and fall asleep easily at bedtime). Further, healthy regulated movement comes from vata giving us balanced digestion and elimination, good circulation, and an even body temperature). Whether one is a vata type or not, we can be conscious of what is happening around us and take steps to balance movement and stay grounded during the fall and winter months.

To remedy this quandary of why our movement worsens in the season of movement, we can apply the ayurvedic principle of like increases like. This means grounding the air and space of vata by establishing a supported and stable routine. People mistakenly act more irregular and spacey, thinking that after this last spurt, things will come together.  Ayurveda recommends a morning routine of an early wake up, meditation, some exercise or movement (not too strenuous because that defeats the purpose in winter season) and a self oil massage.  The diet should have warm, cooked food and have less raw foods.  Spices like ginger, cinnamon, cumin, turmeric and black pepper are helpful.

Enjoy the holidays and the gifts of the vata season, but remember to be grounded and you will enjoy it even more.

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