Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Best Tool & Gift To Share & Use This Holiday Season

Holidays have this dual nature (as do most things).  They are an expansive time with lots of everything like food, gifts, get togethers and free time.  Sometimes in the abundance we are brought some things we don't enjoy like overeating, too much stuff from gifts, spending too much time with people that grate on us and way too much down time that leaves us feeling unproductive and edgy.

The best way to stay balanced apart from maintaining healthy routines like meditation, exercise, nutritious food and adequate sleep is gratitude.  Gratitude may seem like a combination of Pollyanna and naive, but it really works.

First, let's define the gratitude process. Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what one receives, whether it is physical or something intangible. Having gratitude means people acknowledge the goodness in their lives. In this process, people can recognize that the source of this goodness in their life is partially outside of themselves (we can't always take credit for everything!). As a result, this realization helps people connect to something larger than themselves as an individual.  This thing outside themselves can be either to other people, nature, or a higher power.

But wait there is even more.  People who practice having gratitude have measurable positive effects on multiple body and brain systems,  The doctors associated with the above study concluded that if thankfulness were a pharmaceutical drug, it would be a hugely popular product that would benefit every major organ system,

Unfortunately, people tend to take the blessings in their life for granted until after they lose them.  Being able to walk, remember people's names, have a family to support, cook and clean for, and the many other gifts we have every day should be appreciated while we have them.  The little things we have do matter the most.  The little details are what make our life happy.

We become unhappy when we perceive a lack.  If we are grateful for the gifts we have, then we tend to be happier people. We also sweat the small stuff less.

Try to use gratitude this season when we are with family and friends  a little too much or we get too many gifts that seem unthoughtful or not useful or we have too much down time or the many other too much that we experience.  When your family and friends see you expressing gratitude rather than annoyance or overwhelm, you will be sharing the best gift.  A gift that gives health of mind and body.

Stay healthy & well,

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