Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Am A Late Adopter

Well, I really am a late adopter for tech items like phones, computers, apps and all other such things.  There are two reasons that I am this way. One, I am from a non-tech generation, and I find the tech stuff harder to follow.  I have friends and family that are able to bridge the tech divide but the benefit doesn't always seem to be worth the effort. This leads me to reason number two.  I am wary of following the crowd. Basically, I watch people get all excited about the new technology, spend a lot of money on it, spend a ton of time trying to integrate this new "convenience," and watch them complain how it is not quite right. When I read tech journalists review products, the general consensus is usually to wait a bit until all the kinks have been worked out.  Further, I resent how companies market new products as essential so as to make the current products obsolete.  Usually, the latest and greatest doesn't really deliver. It tends to deliver hype and status to own it.

Before I am judged as a total curmudgeon, know that I am an early adopter for health, exercise, nutrition and spirit type issues. I still use some skepticism and thought before diving in, but the thrill of inner growth provides more satisfaction than external trinkets.  Eventually, I do adopt tech but after it has shown me some value, service or convenience that is worthwhile.  Further, after feeling a practical need has been met, there is more loyalty to the item chosen.  There is also more satisfaction.

I hope that I retain my strong minority of being a late tech adopter because it is easier to be one when others are trying out the newest products. I am able to learn from their journey.  Ayurveda teaches about different body types needing different foods, activities and paths, and the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.  Blogs are meant to share another viewpoint and potentially make you think about a new way of doing things.  Where are you a late or early adopter?  The more you know about yourself, the more conscious you become and are able to make better choices for yourself.

Stay healthy & well,

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