Friday, April 22, 2016

Some Tips When Dealing With The Stuff We Don't Want

We all have days when everything seems like it is going wrong or there is just one issue or problem that seems to be overshadowing your life.

While adversity is common, certain people are better at dealing with it.  It is not that they are special, but they tend to choose certain mental approaches or make choices that help pull them through in a more positive way.

Here are a few of their methods:

  1. They take a look at the bigger picture.  Rather than focusing on the problem, they put it in the context of life.  The adversity becomes a bump in the road, instead of a train wreck.
  2. They find meaning in the problem.  When we make mistakes, we have an opportunity to learn.  Make your struggles worthwhile by learning from them instead of just feeling hurt by them.
  3. They only deal with an issue one day at a time.  Most situations probably won't be fully resolved in a day. But, breaking the necessary steps into smaller steps make it seem more manageable.  Plus, being able to cross off the small steps makes one feel accomplished. 
  4. They view change as an opportunity.  Many people fear change because it is unknown. However, change is a part of life and there is always a reason for it. Look for the opportunity in the change and it will become much more positive. 
  5. They look to themselves for stability.  The external things that happen to us we have very little control over.  When we realize, we only have control over our reactions and actions, we become resilient.  Every challenge is an opportunity to become a better version of ourselves by choosing to be the person we would like to be.
By the way, we are human and we may not always be able to have the perfect reaction to adversity.  Take pride in the fact that you are conscious of wanting to do better.  The minute you have have that realization, you have already done really, really well.

Stay healthy & well,

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