Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Edible Skin Care

In Ayurveda, the skin is considered the body's largest organ.  The health of our body is reflected in the condition of our skin.  If the body is unable to remove all of its toxins through the colon and urinary tract, then it will release the toxins through the skin, causing breakouts, rashes, dull skin tone and more.  Since the skin is a bodily organ, the products we use on our skin impact our health.  Everything that comes in contact with our skin is absorbed in our body.

Part of Ayurveda's daily routine includes a daily self massage with natural oils like sesame, coconut and almond.  Essential oils like cedarwood, frankincense and jasmine can be added to the oils for enhanced healing and enjoyment.

Many of the commercial skin care products contain toxic chemicals, so the natural approach of Ayurveda avoids these chemicals.  When I first studied Ayurveda, I did the self massage.  However, I still used many commercial products.  Over the years I have eliminated these products and use mostly all natural products.  After cleansing my face with Dr. Bronner's soap (which is really pure), I use a homemade toner of half water and half natural apple cider vinegar (the 'mother' type).  The vinegar is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and balances the PH of the skin.  I moisturize my face and skin with ghee or coconut oil that has essential oils added for fragrance.  In the winter, I also use shea body on my hands, legs and arms.  This skin care routine has saved me a lot of money, and I really like how my skin feels.

Going all edible may feel strange at first, but try to dip in slowly. You may like it.

Stay healthy & well,

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