Sunday, September 25, 2016

3 Fall Shifting Tips Ayurvedic Style

If you are like me (a pitta/vata type), you are dreading the move into fall,  Warm, sunny days give me joy, comfort and energy.  Fall brings increasing darkness, damp, cold and wind which tends to leave me feeling ungrounded.

While I know the gift of fall brings clarity, focus and hearth building (look at the squirrels moving with unstoppable determination to put away food for winter), the external weather factors are hard on my body.  This means I need to put in a little time to give myself warmth and brightness to balance my physical being so my mental/emotional being can enjoy the gifts of fall.

Transition should be done gently with ease to bring closure to the summer season and learn from the upcoming fall/winter.  While I could list many tips for shifting into fall, starting with three will bring more success.

One, start eating warm, lubricated and heavier foods.  As the leaves are drying up, withering and being blown away with the wind, this type of energy can be happening to your digestion.  Soups, cooked root vegetables or raw vegetables dressed with good oils like ghee, coconut, avocado and extra virgin olive oil will combat this effect and help your digestion.

Two, start to finish your day earlier and go to bed by 10 or 11 PM (the latest).  Nature is showing us to do this as sunset becomes earlier and earlier.  Use this quiet time to reformulate goals, connect with loved ones and slow down.  Then, wake up early to catch the rising sun.  Watching the sunrise is healing and infuses us with more light.  It is preferable to be outside during sunrise.

Three, get grounded by walking outside. Take in the change around you. Feel the earth becoming layered with fallen leaves, smell the crisp in the air and see the color changes.  This acclimates the body to the change.  Be sure to dress appropriately so you do not feel cold or uncomfortable in any way.  Some people can still wear flip flops in 50 degree weather, but I can't.  Some people use huge bulky coats and sweaters and others like many lighter, thinner layers. Know your body and get comfortable.

Instead of dreading fall, I can try to look forward to the new energy of fall and the empowerment of making a few changes for my well being.  I do admit to dreaming of moving to Florida or another warmer location but at least I feel more positive until I can get that second home :)

Stay healthy & well,

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