Wednesday, September 14, 2016

One Of The Biggest Barriers To Weight Loss

As a health coach, I try to help people take control of their health. The biggest complaint is weight loss. And the biggest problem people face is night time snacking (there are others but this is most popular).  Hard working, good people tell me how they are very 'good' during the day.  They eat nutritious food in the proper quantities all day long....and then night time comes.  They are in the mood for a little snack and then they can't seem to stop.  Sweet, salty and creamy foods are the favorites.

Ayurveda recommends eating the biggest meal during the day, as that is the time for the body's strongest ability to digest food.  Evening is a time to wind down from activity and try to head to sleep.  In our modern world of 24/7, bright lights and internet, people try to keep going, avoiding the need for the body to rest.  The body needs energy to continue doing, so it looks for ways to feed it. The best ways to get energy are sleep and food.  Sleep does not come until way later in our modern life, so food becomes the next choice.  Late night snacking is really just the body trying to get energy to stay awake and accomplish more things.

So, the next time the snacking urge hits, you have to be perceptive and honest.  Ask yourself some questions: Are you really hungry after a good dinner? Are you feeling distracted, tired or negative? Are you dehydrated? Did you drink enough today? Take time to ask yourself some questions and answer them.  Make yourself answer them out loud, even in front of a mirror.  Usually listening to yourself trying to communicate your hunger can cut down on the snacking urge.  The most important tool is to delay yourself.  Ask the questions. Go brush your teeth as a minty clean mouth doesn't go with eating. Look in the mirror and even get undressed.  Will this snack help your body weight and shape? Finally, even set a timer for ten minutes to delay the immediate gratification of food.  During the timer time out, go read something, tidy up your living space, take a shower, do some personal grooming, get ready to go to sleep or smell some essential oils like rosemary, lavender or rose.

Any time you delay the urge to eat you are building self control muscles.  At first it seems difficult or even phony but it doesn't matter.  It is the action that counts, and the more you do it, the more you will build a good habit.  I like to tell myself, "I don't eat at night."  Try saying that out loud, and you feel stronger. Chances are you are not hungry but looking for energy and distraction.  Focus on yourself and what your urge to snack is trying to do and you will build your will power.

Stay healthy & well,

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