Sunday, December 11, 2016

How To Eat Less Calories Without Dieting

Food is our body's fuel but it also comforts us on an emotional level.  This is why people have a hard time dieting or eliminating certain foods.  Intellectually, people may know what to change, but getting there is still difficult,

Change has to be eased into.  A small success encourages a person to take the next step and hopefully the cycle continues.  These steps take a person to real change.

The best way to cut calories without dieting is to eat leisurely.  This means taking small bites, chewing food slowly and putting the fork down in between bites.  A research study found on average, participants ate 88 calories less per meal and still felt satisfied.

Once someone gains some mastery and control over their eating, they will feel encouraged to do more.  Eating slowly sounds easy enough to try.  Then, someone may think that they want to increase the speed and gain of their success.  They will feel empowered to switch their cookie snack to a piece of fruit or maybe have a salad and steamed vegetables with dinner instead of just a protein and starch.  Maybe they will start to add a little exercise too.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, all you have to do is eat slowly and you will cut calories and lose weight.  Really!! And you don't have to diet.  Try have nothing to lose but a few calories.

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