Monday, December 5, 2016

The Lie I Thought I Only Tell

I hate the word lie and I really hate lying too.  Maybe it is me trying to make myself feel better but my lie is a way to preserve something that is important to me.

I like to exercise everyday because it is good for me.  More importantly, it maintains my sanity by being an amazing stress reliever and gives me down time alone.  To really fit in my exercise time, it is scheduled like an important appointment.  It is nonnegotiable and rarely missed.

Life is hectic and it is difficult to maintain control over our day.  Sometimes there are people we need to meet or business that needs attention.  When a conflict arises between my exercise time and arranging a meeting or situation, I tell the other person that I have an already scheduled appointment. If pressed, it is a doctor's appointment.  Because exercise is like an appointment with a doctor ...?  Well, it is to me.

Then, one day as I am heading into the gym, I hear a guy talking important business on the phone. The guy then apologetically ends the phone call saying he has a doctor's appointment and he will call back in an hour. I smile to myself, feeling like I am part of a crazy club. I have heard a busy lady do the same thing on another occasion.

Yet, am I crazy? I prefer to think of myself as a person who makes life choices that uphold things I value.  Family or real emergencies that need immediate attention will disrupt my exercise appointment.  I do work very hard to fit in the exercise another time like waking up at 6 AM or doing an evening workout.  These are emergency times that I use infrequently because they make the exercise difficult to do and less enjoyable.

Having rituals that center us are taught in Ayurveda and other holistic practices.  In today's nonstop 24/7 world, having time to disconnect to refocus is a necessity not a luxury.  Meditation, deep breathing, yoga, reading uplifting material, prayer and enjoying a hobby give us time to restore our soul, the unique part of us that was created by G-d for a very precious mission that only we can do.  When we are running around all the time or mindlessly being pulled into our media devices and entertainment, we disconnect from our soul essence.  Even if you prefer to forget the soul talk, look to science and you will find that down time makes you smarter, happier and healthier.

Happy to expose my lie, but the reason why I lie still remains.

Stay healthy & well,

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