Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Why Do Yogi's Have Healthy Habits?

It seems like many of the people who practice spiritual enlightenment (like Eastern philosophy, religion, Buddhism, etc.) seem to be naturally drawn to simple lifestyles. They have a routine that emphasizes spiritual practice and learning but they seem to have a routine to take care of their bodies too.  Generally, they eat lighter, have a basic exercise program, go to sleep early, rise early and make time for good deeds (like helping the needy, sick and lonely).  There is a vibe of equanimity, which means mental calmness, composure and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.

What makes a yogi have these qualities? Is it the spiritual leaning or is it the physical lifestyle? I think it is a symbiotic cycle that begins with the intent to infuse their life with meaning.  The mind and heart can desire something but it does not exist unless the body works in the physical world to create it.  When the body takes action, the desirous thing exists. For example, one may want to help the poor. Until one gives money time or effort, the desire to help the poor remains a thought and never really comes into existence.  Everyone gives on the level they are able.  Some people give a few dollars because that is all they can do. Another person may organize a weekly event where care packages are made and delivered to homeless shelters.  Planning the weekly event takes clarity.

When someone wants to succeed, they try to plan and figure out the best way.  this takes mental clarity.  A yogi wants to attain spiritual connection but they live in a body that needs tending.  This body needs adequate, proper care to feel good.  A body that feels good has a better chance of having a clear mind, loving emotions and an openness to learn. This is the root of the yogi's healthy habits.

Think how you feel when you wake up refreshed, have daily elimination, are a healthy weight and a working digestive system.  Is it hard to remember the last time you felt like that? Maybe it is time to trade some outdated habits for new, innovative habits that will sky rocket your mental clarity and body health.  Ayurveda has a great daily routine that will have you feeling like a yogi in no time.  I am happy to introduce you to it anytime.

Stay healthy & well,

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