Friday, March 10, 2017

What Makes You Sweat More?

Socially no one wants to be seen sweating. It seems dirty and it looks like someone is nervous or overexerting themselves.  In the gym it is somewhat okay but people rush to shower after the workout.

Sweat is essential to human survival because it serves as the body's coolant, getting rid of excess body heat (produced by the body's metabolism and working muscles) and protecting the body from overheating. It is also a way for the body to detox from toxins. However, certain types of people and certain situations will trigger the body to sweat more.

A recent study found that the larger a person's body mass is, the more likely they are to sweat more often.  Overweight people tend to sweat more than those who are a healthy weight. Beyond the physical characteristic of the body, levels of stress and anxiety also influence sweating.  Strong emotions like anger, embarrassment and fear will bring on the sweat.  The actions of drinking alcohol, smoking and excessive caffeine can cause a person to sweat more too.

It is difficult to label what is the proper amount of sweating a person should have because it is individual.  In reality, people should be taking advantage of opportunities to sweat more instead of trying to sweat less.  Exercise and saunas are good for us, and we can shower when we are done.

Recently, I tried using plain baking soda as an antiperspirant/deodorant after I shower.  Strange sounding but it really works to keep me dry and get rid of that sweat odor.  Try it and let me know if it works for you too...

Stay healthy & well,


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