Sunday, April 30, 2017

Getting The Benefits of Meditating Without Meditating

Ayurveda teaches the importance of meditation for its effect on both the body and mind.  True health can never be achieved unless the body and mind are balanced and cared for.  As an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, I am not suggesting to replace meditation with these short cuts, but life is hectic and unpredictable.  Having a short cut for meditation can be a life saver for the extra busy times in our lives when we are struggling with the time, consistency, focus and technique required to get meditation right.

One doesn't actually need to sit down and close their eyes to go into a meditative state for hours a day, because there are other easier ways to get the mind into this state and enjoy the benefits of this ancient practice.

There are many mundane activities that are important and need our attention but we can use these times to go into a meditative state.  The goal is to go into a mindful state where one pays attention to their surroundings and lets go of our monkey mind that is worrying about our to do list or annoying things we tolerate on a daily basis.

Here are few examples of everyday activities that can be turned into a meditative, mindful state.

  • When we take a shower, we can let our mind concentrate on the physical sensations of the water hitting our body, the temperature of the water, the smell of the shampoo and soap and the relative quiet from the usual background noise.  This mental break where we focus on the moment of the shower is a perfect opportunity for mindfulness.
  • When we walk a pet or push a stroller, think about the things around you.  Pay attention to the sounds, the people, the weather. Do you smell anything or see anything unusual close by or in the distance?  How does the body feel? By taking a mindful walk, endorphins are being released for a good, happy feeling. 
  • When you make your morning coffee or tea, make this ritual more meaningful and meditative. Focus your attention on your movements, like when you start to sip the warm drink, close your eyes and savor the sensations of taste, smell and warmth.  Notice your breathing.  Simply paying attention to these details will let you begin your day with deeper focus, clarity and peace.  Much better than perusing your email or the daily news.  This is also a good thing to do with any meal or food preparation. 
  • When you do simple chores like sweeping or the dishes, notice how your body feels as you do these movements.  Think about your breath and how your home will feel after getting this care and attention.  Being in the moment and taking time for appreciation instantly creates a meditative state.
Life can get busy but making some of our to do list do double duty in the form of mindfulness is a win win.  Things are getting done but we are  caring for our mind and body too.

Stay healthy & well,

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