Thursday, December 28, 2017

How Ayurveda Views the Latest Food Trend

I have always been a foodie. I love to eat and I love to hear about food. As I have been on a simultaneous journey of health, I also look for healthier food choices and experiment how I can make a food trend better for me to eat. Reading about the latest food trend in the Wall Street Journal is fun for me, plain and simple.

To fill you in, fixed meal times are out. People are too busy for long lunches and dinners. Food will be eaten more as a nosh or snack on the go. The options in restaurants will be flexible depending on the time of day. Morning having breakfast options like avocado toasts, fruit or muffins with the afternoons and evenings building in heavier fare like chicken, salad, sandwiches and wine. All the food will be served quickly and will be in small snack like portions. The decor will be more homey, sitting on couches or living room chairs to feel like a quick break rather than a formal meal. Restaurants will also expand take out options so food can be had any time and eaten any place.

While the latest food trend is focusing on convenience and nibbling, it is not a lifestyle recommended by Ayurveda. Ayurveda teaches that our lives should have a daily routine that syncs with our natural circadian body rhythm. Eating and sleeping should be done around the same time everyday.  Additionally, digestion is a process that takes 4 to 6 hours. Ideally, there should be a heavy meal at midday, when digestion is strongest, and lighter meals in the morning and evening. Snacking is not recommended because it interferes with the digestive process. Meals should also be eaten in a calm, relaxed manner without distractions of electronic devices.

While the Ayurvedic eating recommendations seem stodgy or snail like, they give the benefit of strong digestion and health. The nutrients in food are more readily absorbed, optimizing body function. Good digestion means less gas, bloating and toxic build up. Metabolism is strong, helping one maintain a good body weight.

Trends come and go but classics are always in style.

Stay healthy & well,

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