Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Even Professional Baseball Players Like Their Veggies

When I think of professional sports players, I think of a machine that has been blessed with great ability.  Even great blessings require work on our part to bring them out and actualize their potential.  Athletes work hard to hone their skill, and they are extemely regimented in their lifestyle habits.  When athletes perform well, it is a transcending experience to watch and fills one with awe.  The spectator gets to see the result of all the time and energy invested by the athlete.

Even though we are ordinary people, we can learn from the athlete's training habits to help our bodies feel their best.  Apparently, baseball players are starting to request healthy foods in the clubhouse (where professional players eat most of their meals during the season).  They want vegetables, fruits, less sweets and some clubhouses are experimenting with quinoa, teff and spelt.  Don't worry there are still cookies, donuts, and candy, but they are consumed in moderation.  The change in diet is being attributed to younger players working with younger trainers who are knowledgeable in nutrition (see this Wall Street Journal article).

Us regular folks are not relying on our bodies to win the World Series, but each one of us has a job that is equally important on a cosmic level.  I think we should invest a little time and energy into our health to make our bodies work better.  A healthy body makes our job that much easier and gives us energy making sure that our performance can be an awe filled transcending experience.  So, tell the kids and everyone at your dining table, even baseball players eat their veggies.

Stay healthy & well,

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