Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Real Issue in the Healthcare Debate

One does not have to take sides to understand that the two main issues in the deabte come down to : (1)Whether there should be a public option for health care? (2)How can a way be found to make health care more affordable?  The reason the public option is on the table is because healthcare costs are skyrocketing.  If we can lower costs, the need for a public option is less.
Did you know that preventable illness makes up 80% of the burden of illness and 90% of all health care costs?  Close to 80% of all cancers are preventable.  If people made healthier choices in lifestyle, the need for medical care would be reduced.  Time should be spent educating people about healthy lifestyle choices.  This is why Ayurveda is so helpful.  By definition Ayurveda is knowledge of life.  It is a system which seeks to bring a person back to balance.  The diagnosis is made by a pulse reading that is able to detect imbalances.  The methods used to correct the imbalances require  lifestyle changes suited for the individual.  These changes are much safer and cheaper than the conventional medical care used.  Obviously, there are times when the care of a medical doctor is needed and offers life saving benefits.  However, with most illnesses being preventable, education in the area of good health habits would make the need for medical care reduced.  Less medical care means less costs.  Many of the ills of our current health care system would be reduced.  More importantly, an individual himself is responsible for his health care.  There does not have to be system telling him what to do.  Taking charge is quite satisfying and empowering.
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