Monday, December 14, 2009

When Would Tiger Woods Have Been Happy?

It would appear that Tiger Woods had everything- numerous golf titles, lots of endorsements earning him a huge income, and most importantly a beautiful wife and child. Why did he need to have illicit relationships with at least 7-10 women? These were not one time flings, but sustained meetings over periods of time. It is tragic that a man as blessed as Tiger Woods was not happy with what he had. Even more tragic is that he pushed for more in a way that risked all that he had worked for.

Yet, there are many people who have considerably less money than Tiger, can’t play golf, their spouse is average looking, but they are happy. There are even people with considerably worse situations, but they are happy. Clearly, the external circumstances in our life do not create happiness. An individual chooses his own happiness despite what is happening to him. How does one choose?

The answer lies in the spirit, the special part of us that enlivens the body. The soul is limitless and the part of us that yearns for peace, love, and purpose. Each soul is unique and blessed with its own talents to do its own special job. Rather than looking inward and nurturing the soul, people look to outer things thinking new things will make them happy. Just like Tiger- how many pretty women would have been enough? He could not be satisfied in any relationship, because he was not at peace with himself.

In Ayurveda the bond between body and spirit are recognized. When people are unhappy, they make poor choices. In Ayurveda each body type has its own psychological tendencies and lifestyle techniques are used to balance the tendency. Knowing the potential for weaknesses empowers a person to make healthy choices for body and spirit. A healthy choice is one that will bring satisfaction and success long term. One does not have to be famous or rich to make these choices. It is a shame that someone like Tiger who enjoys such blessings is so disconnected from his spirit.
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