Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Thing About Communicating

When people communicate with words, it is important to remember the value that they have.  Words are quite powerful.  In the beginning of the Book of Genesis, G-d created the world with speech.  If G-d is so powerful, why does He use words?  A few flashes of lightening or maybe a little smoke and drama would be more suited to create the world.  Many Sages state that when the Bible describes G-d in human terms, it is simply to teach us a lesson in our terms of reality.  Clearly, we are not G-d and we cannot imagine being similar to Him without a terminology that we can relate to.  Consequently, if G-d creates our whole beautiful and intricate world with mere words, then words are powerful.

Our speech should respect the powerful effect of words.  This means making our words meaningful and kind.  Using our words to create the relationships we want and reflect how we want to be treated.

Jeffrey Zaslow describes how in all religions there is a tradition to use positive words that do not create harm.  He further details that with the internet and the current speed of communication people need to consider the impact of their words.  This is why in many schools children are being asked to evaluate their words before they speak.  Specifically, they should ask themselves whether the words about to said: Are these words kind? Are these words true?  Are these words necessary?

The world would be a nicer place if adults learned the lesson that children are being taught in grade school.

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