Friday, January 22, 2010

Communication Is More Than Words

Today with so many ways to communicate- cellphone, email, blackberries, Facebook, Twitter, radio, etc.- it seems we are communicating better than ever.  I wouldn't knock the technology.  It has made our loved ones and business contacts more accessible.  We are more efficient.  We are safer because we can reach help in an emergency.

Yet, there is a component to communication that can't be handled over an electronic device.  This is the type of communication that is made without words.  When two people are talking face to face, there is a communication through eye contact and body language.  This type of communication shows whether someone is paying attention or whether someone is happy or sad.  These wordless communications are essential for the human connection that creates warmth and meaning between people. 

Large amounts of email, Facebook and Twitter are no substitute for the human connection.  They are a great second choice if our loved ones are not geographically near.  If we are blessed with people in our lives that we can share the human connection with, we should make the connection meaningful.  This means investing the real time to make eye contact, observe body language and ignore the many distractions of the computer, blackberry or television.  Creating the human connection enriches our soul and spirit more than any distraction.

Even a communication with a stranger can be an enriching experience if we invest the time to connect without distractions.  Think of a store where the staff is courteous and attentive.  Customers prefer to frequent a store where they feel special.  I enjoy shopping at Trader Joes with all the great products, but I really love how helpful and friendly the team is.

We all would benefit if we are mindful to make the human connection the best it can be and only use our blackberries, email and twitter for the efficiency they offer.

Stay healthy & well,

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