Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Your Energy Account

No, I am not writing about your Consumers Energy Bill.  I am referring to your personal energy level and being able to meet your daily schedule without feeling fatigued and without feeling the need to reach for stimulants.  Waking up with a cup of coffee is okay, but needing coffee all day long means you are overspending in your energy account.  Some people even turn to prescription drugs like Ritalin, Provigil, and amphetamines to enhance their wakefulness and job performance.

Unfortunately, the nervous system becomes overstimulated with the drugs or even excess coffee.  Then, people need something with which to wind down turning to alcohol and sedatives like clonazepam or alprazolam.

Where is the real person when someone needs artificial help to wake up or to go to sleep?  It seems like someone is truly not present.  Moreover, these types of enhancers stress the nervous system hurting its ability to function normally.  The system will become damaged and that can cause a host of other bodily problems.  The body is one integrated system and tampering with one part will eventually hurt the other parts.

Your energy level is like money.  One should not spend what one does not have.  Using stimulants and depressants to dip into our "savings" account will only harm one later.  It is difficult to fix the body once it is damaged.

In Ayurveda there are two sources of energy: food and rest.  Give your body a quality amount of those and you won't have to turn to other sources of energy.  Sometimes people overspend because they feel like they have certain responsibilities or certain desires that need attending.  There has to be a budget of your time.  This budget requires a little thought and organizing of one's priorities.  A balanced budget will leave your energy account filled with the right amount of resources so you can work without needing to borrow from other sources.  Give your energy the same respect you give your finances and you will feel fit and satisfied.

Stay healthy & well,

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