Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Healing Garden

A new form of treatment is being used in many hospitals around the country.  This therapy is called horicultural therapy and is offered in many hospitals, elderly care programs and even mental health institutions. 

Research is showing that simply looking at plants or nature makes pain and stress feel lower and it improves a patient's mood.  Studies have probed further showing how the act of gardening can help heal many illnesses.  For example, elderly patients show more mobility when they garden.  Elderly patients also have better memory recall when they garden.  Heart patients that participated in a gardening class showed more improvement in their heart rates and mood than heart patients who simply received heart health educational classes.  People who needed rehabilitation after neurological surgery felt the rehabilitation seemed easier with garden therapy.

One of the healing and balancing modalities used in Ayurveda is time spent in nature.  For example, people experiencing depression benefit from walking outside in the morning in the rising sun.  Type A personalities should take breaks and go out in nature to see something greater outside of themselves and their agenda.

Healing does not always require pills and invasive procedures.  Sometimes something simple and basic as spending time with the beauty of nature can bring great results.  It is certainly inexpensive and has no harmful side effects.  The spring is the perfect time to start enjoying the beautiful, healing results of nature.  Go outside, breathe deeply and enjoy.

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